Prologue - Coming Home


Friday, 3rd April 2015


A young girl woke up still sleepy, as the plane she was on touches ground. Finally, she was back in her native land japan. She pushed one of her middle blue fringe strands out of her eye, while yawning and stretching heartily. Her hair was waist long and while rather straight, a bit messy. A few unruly strands near her ear, were sticking out and her radiant blue eyes were sparkling in anticipation out of her left side window.

 “Finally, I’m back in my native land, where people can understand me” she mumbled happily and couldn’t wait to get out.


 In the airport she followed the mass of people getting out from the plane, to reach the baggage claim. She would have never found the way there alone. After what felt like half a century, she finally had all her belongings together and tried to navigate in such a big area, to find the train station. The blue haired girl was forced to go home by train. Her father had no time to get her with his car and her brother apparently was in university.

 After a while of wandering around she stopped annoyed and leaned on her suitcase exasperated and exhausted. She whined, “What the hell is wrong with this airport? All signs pointing to the alleged train station lead into nothing!”

 Furious, she kicked her suitcase, which fell to the side with a dull thud.

 “May I help you, young lady?” a blonde man with deep blue eyes smirked at her, with his hands on his hips. Without really noticing who offered to help, the blue haired girl continued to nag, “Yes! Maybe you should put up signs that are useful in this labyrinth! People could get los-…”

 Just then the young women looked into the face of the blonde and stopped short. Her eyes widen and she started to glow, “Saito-nii!!”. Right away she threw herself in the arms of the young man, “I missed you so much!”. “That is so typical you, Rin-chan” he laughed and returned her hug, “Always complaining.”. “Be quiet, it`s like a labyrinth in here” Rin bloated her cheeks faux offended.

 Again, the blonde laughed,” Nonsense. You’re just too dumb to read the signs right.”

 Before Saito could get punched from his sister, he hurried to grab her suitcase and started moving quickly towards the train station.

 “Hey wait, baka-nii!”, Rin grabbed her backpack and ran after the blonde “How did you find me? And what about university?” “I skipped today. And it wasn’t really hard to find you. You were making quite the noise “, Saito shrugged his shoulders.

 The siblings started to bicker again. Only when they were sat in the train and Rin started feeling sleepy from her long journey, did the discussion between them end. Yawning tiredly the girl started to nod off on the shoulder of the young man.



Velvet Room


I heard the quiet lapping from water together with a calming melody and a smell like fresh rain reached my nose. Taking a deep breath, I savoured the pleasantly pure fragrance. Slowly I opened my eyes, to see what I could only perceive with my other senses before.

 “Uwah!!” I yelled in panic and looked around. Somehow, I found myself in a cave. But it wasn`t just any cave, this one seemed like a room with no exit. But that wasn`t even the worst thing, on the walls were a lot of small waterfalls and the floor of the cave was filled with ankle deep water. The walls and the floor were studded with blue gemstones, which seemed to provide the light supply. The whole room was sparkling in blue.

 Panicked I started to hop from one leg to the other, because the thread of drowning in a closed room was looming over me!

 “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, ...” I don’t know how many times I said those words, till a voice interrupted me.

 “Welcome in the Velvet Room dear guest” my ears registered somebody’s words and I abruptly whipped around looking for the source.

 There really sat an old man on a table, cool as a cucumber. Wasn`t he afraid of drowning? In general, he was funny to look at. He had a pointy nose and ears as well. And his eyes looked really creepy. His appearance reminded me a little bit of a fairy tale creature. There was close to no hair on his head. Furthermore, he was wearing a black suit paired with white gloves. Normal human beings would find him quite scary, but at this moment I couldn`t care less. I had other things to worry about.

 “We are drowning! What kind of torture chamber is this?!” I yelled in creepy guys face, but he didn`t even care and just continued his speech, “This is a room between dream and reality. Only those who have a contract with fate can enter.” “What?!” again I started to hop around like crazy and started to franticly tap the walls, looking for an exit, “How do we get out of here?!”. The long-nosed man snickered in a creepy way, “You are really a strange guest, Rin Aikawa.”

 Abruptly my eyes widen and I froze. Only slowly I could move from the wall and I turned my head towards the creepy guy. “W-Who are you? How do you know my name??!” “I am Igor, the resident of this Velvet Room” he explained still calm and carefree, “And now look at the floor of this particular room. You will see, that the water level will stay the same.”

 Confused I looked towards the floor and had to discover, that he was right. The water was not rising. Yet it was more than scarifying.

 “Should we have a look at what the fate as in store for you?” snickered Igor again and a stack of tarot cards appeared out of nowhere.

 He asked me to choose two cards and with no other choice, I stumbled on trembling legs towards him.

 “I don`t know what this show is supposed to be about? What fate? And earlier you said something about a contract?” I whined while drawing two cards, which then lay face down on the table.

 Igor turned the first one around and explained the funny looking picture, “The devil. He stands for repression and mistake. It seems like you made a mistake in your past and you try to repress it. Are you going to repress your mistakes in the future as well?” “What mistake?” I didn`t get what he was talking about. But the old men ignored me and just turned the second card around, “Oho, the justice. You will learn to take responsibility and mature.”

 “Did you just tell me I`m childish, don`t acknowledge my mistakes and don`t take responsibility?” I tried to argue with the guy.

 Tough it didn`t seem to matter, because he still continued to speak in riddles, “You will see what the future holds in store for you. And now go back.”

 With his words the sparkling blue room slowly turned black and I felt like I was falling asleep. I tried to fight it, because the conversation wasn`t over for me, but It didn`t work.



In the train


“Hey!” yelled Rin without reason and woke from her sleep. Saito, who fell asleep as well, jerked abruptly and groused at his sister, “Are you crazy? Why are suddenly yelling like that?” “Hä?” the blue haired girl looked around dazed,” Was that a dream?” “Obviously, yes. You’re annoying…” puffed the tired blonde and closed his eyes again.




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