Chapter 2 - New school, old acquaintances


Saturday, 4th April 2015, noon




It was already noon when Rin finally woke up. Hungry and still sleepy she goes down the stairs into the kitchen. There she found a small bowl with rice and some side dishes with a note, that it was for her and that her brother left for university. While eating, she almost fell asleep again. She still couldn’t cope with the time difference.


“Oh god I’m so tired,” she yawned heartily, as she grabbed a bottle of water and went back upstairs to get dressed.


As she took off her trousers, something fell out and startled the girl, “The key and the gemstone?! I really don’t know what is dream and reality anymore.”


While thinking about it, she eyed the key, “Where do I recognize you from?”


Sadly, she still had no idea and decided to put the key and gemstone on a leather band, to wear as a necklace. At least it looked kind of nice as jewellery.




As soon as she put it on, she looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly her breath caught. Abruptly she moved closer to the mirror, so close that hardly anything could fit in between. Her eyes were wide with shock and she couldn’t grasp what she was seeing.


“EH?!” she screamed loud and long, as in the same moment something flashed blue and her water bottle exploded like a fountain. Through the mirror she could watch the sudden phenomenon by chance and hurried to turn around to see it in real.


“What…” she grabbed the empty water bottle and couldn’t believe that it had emptied itself. These bottles were known for leaking, because the cap was just put on top and not screwed closed. But she didn’t expect for one of the bottles to just explode.


“It’s starting to get scary” slightly shivering she grabbed her upper arms with both hands. “And…” Rin moved back to her reflection, “Breasts?! Wasn’t I a boy yesterday?!”


It took some time till she finally realized it, but yeah, since waking up she turned back to a woman. For a few more moments she looked disbelieving in the mirror. Someone was getting their fun out of this, that was for sure.


Her hair was long again, the eyes blue and her breasts were back in normal shape. Furthermore, the other thing was gone as well. She didn’t even want to think about it, but still blushed.


To get that thought out of her mind she slapped her cheeks with her palms, “Enough. I have to call Saito.”


Briefly she searched for her phone, which still lay on her bedside table. It was an old-fashioned flip phone with a beautiful blue-black check pattern, that her brother gave her as he bought himself a new smartphone. Sure, she would have preferred a new one as well, but unfortunately that was not possible. The family had a very tight budget, because the father invested almost more in his research than he earned. Saito had a part-time job, but even that wasn’t enough money, which was why it was sometimes a close call with money for food in the past. The blue haired girl wanted a part-time job since middle school, but her brother forbade her because she was too young at the time and should concentrate on school.


That was why she never complained when she got the used and old things from her brother. And why the scholarship was so important to her. So, she would have not only had the chance of an elite school, but also the school costs would have been reimbursed. Unfortunately, she messed it up thoroughly.


With a skilful snap she opened her phone and quickly typed Saitos number.


“Rin? What’s going on?” the girl heard her brother through the phone. She briefly considered how she could put it, “Saito-nii, say…Was I a boy yesterday?” “What?” it came confused through the line, “Why are you asking? Did you really forget about it?” “Well…” Rin stopped, “I remembered that I turned into a boy with piercing yellow eyes and short hair and with…you know what.” “Yes, that is what you were” Saito still was confused, “Are you normal again?” “I think so.” “That’s really strange. And I couldn’t find anything that would explain this phenomenon. Maybe we are just getting crazy and hallucinated everything,” the blonde laughed. “As if” pouted the girl. “I have to go, Rin” he seemed to be in a hurry, “I will be home late tonight. After university, I have to work. Don’t forget your uniform, alright?” “Yes, get lost” groused the blue haired girl and both ended the call.


Annoyed, the girl searched for a rag and bucket, to wipe up the huge puddle. Thank god nothing important got wet. A little bit hit the bed and the wall, as well as the TV stand. The TV itself seemed untouched. At least something.


But no more water for her today.


With a sigh she sat down on her bed and considered what would be the best thing to do today. For the new school year Saito already organized everything for her.


“Oh shoot, I completely forgot to talk to Amika. She will kill me” Rin panicked slightly and right away started typing on her phone again, till you could hear the dial tone.


“Hello?” sounded a female voice. “Hey, Ami. It’s me” answered the blue haired girl. Surprised came from the line, “Oh, Rinacchi? Are you finally back?” “Yes, thank god” scratched the girl the back of her head, “Since yesterday actually. But I forgot to call you sooner. I was too tired, sorry.” “It’s fine” Amika said kindly. “Do you want to meet up? Then we can talk about everything we missed in the past year? There was this conceited g…” before Rin could go on, the girl interrupted her, “Sorry Rin, I don’t have time. That could be difficult. But you can tell me about everything in school.” “School? But I don’t have a scholarship for the Suzuki Academy anymore. So, we will not see each other” the blue haired girl was defeated. “Nonsense, I switched to Aehara. I want to be with my best friend” laughed the girl. “Really?!” beamed Rin, “You are the best!”


With that they finished the phone call and the blue haired girl started to look forward to her new school. Of course, she was upset that she couldn’t see Amika before that, but it was alright. In the course of the day she picked up her uniform, which finally fit and passed her time with watching TV and reading manga.


In between she even managed to empty her suitcase, something she had ignored perfectly the day before.






Monday, 06th April 2015



Loudly rang and vibrated Rins phone. Still half asleep and with closed eyes she reached for it and answered annoyed, “What?!” “Are you still asleep, you idiot?!” she could hear Saito from the other end of the line, “Get up or you will be late!”


Right away the girl opened her eyes and looked at her clock, “Oh God! Damn! Why didn’t you wake me?!”


With a leap she was out of her comfy bed and began pulling of her pyjamas with one hand, while still talking on the phone.


“I woke you twice. You even got up the second time and went to the toilet” the blonde slapped himself. “Still!” she nipped and hang up in the same moment.


In a hurry, she got herself ready, grabbed her bento, which her brother made for her and ran out of the house to the subway. The water bottle he put next to her bento got ignored. After a few stations she had to get out again and continued to ran in the direction of Aehara High School. The blue haired girl wasn’t sure were the school was exactly and had planned to just follow the students. But she was so late, that no other student could be seen. From the distance she could hear the school bell ringing for the second lesson and she knew that she had to be close. But where exactly did she have to go?


As she turned the next corner, she crashed into someone full speed and fell directly on her butt.


“Ouch” was only heard from her and she eyed the person who crashed into her. He had red shoulder-length hair and wore the uniform of the same school. The black jacket with dark blue stripes on the sides and borders and black trousers. With that he wore a black cap and a red-black rivet belt. His jacket was opened and his white shirt was hanging out pretty messily. But Rin was not allowed to judge, as her blazer was also open and her white blouse hung over her blue and black checked skirt.


Briefly she eyed him and thought for herself, “I know him. He was in my middle school class. Together with his dumb friend they would always bully me. Did he oversleep as well?”


The red-haired boy stood up, brushed off his clothes and offered Rin a hand, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t see you coming around the corner.” “T-Thanks” grabbed the girl his hand, “I’m sorry as well, could have looked where I was walking too.”


With a pull she stood on her feet as well and brushed dirt from her clothes.


“Are you going to Aehara as well?” the boy asked unsure. “Can’t you tell?” she grinned crookedly and didn’t get the question. He cocked his head and looked confused at Rin, “You know you already ran past the school, right?” “EH?” was everything the blue haired girl could get out.


She didn’t even notice that she ran past the school. And she was even looking for it.


The other person laughed briefly: “You are funny. Come, I show you the way.” “You are funny”, she sulked. But he just started walking and the girl followed him a little annoyed.


“By the way I’m Akira Yoshida and you?” he grinned happily. Irritated she looked at him from the side, because she already knew who he was from her old class. However, she did not want to dig up the past, so she simply gave her name, “Rin Aikawa.” “Nice to meet you. Your new in school?” he asked cheerful. With a short nod she confirmed it. He interlocked his arms behind his head, “Should I show you around school later?” “Gladly,” the offer suited her very well, although she was still confused that he had simply forgotten her. Actually, she didn’t like him all that much, because he was always mean to her, but he didn’t seem to be a bad guy. She could give him a chance.


Finally, they reached the school gates and they increased their pace. To find out which class they were in, they stopped quickly in front of the information board.


“I’m in 2B and you?” found Akira his name in the list. Rins face lit up when she saw that Amika was also in her class, “Me too.” “What a coincidence” laughed the redhead.


Because they missed the opening ceremony the late comers immediately went to their class. There they were of course nagged out by their teacher and then send to the free seats. Fortunately, Amika saved a seat for her best friend and so the blue haired girl happily made her way to the window seat in the last row. Akira sat directly in front of her and the teacher could finally continue.


“How can you oversleep on the first day?” whispered Amika to her best friend, “And why did you arrive with him?” She pointed to Akira, who didn’t notice the conversation. “Happens. I accidentally crashed into him,” grinned the blue haired girl to her best friend. She had brown eyes and reddish-brown shoulder-length hair, which was cut off straight. Her uniform was buttoned up nicely. Instead of the required knee socks she wore black tights instead.




After what felt like an eternity it finally rang for the lunch break and Akira immediately turned to Rin, “How is it? Should I keep my promise now?” “Better after school,” the blue haired girl unpacks her bento, “I would like to use the time to eat lunch.” “Fine by me” he stood up to leave the classroom, “I’m going to buy me something to eat quickly. Do you need anything?” Gratefully, Rin declined and the young man left the room. Amika eyed the happening the whole time and seemed annoyed,” Are you friends with Yoshida-kun? Since when?” “I don’t know as well. Since I met him this morning, he seemed so nice and he apparently forgot that be bullied me back in middle school with Kuro-kun” Rin shrugged her shoulders. “And what promise did he make?” continued to question the best friend. “Ah, he just offered to show me the school a little,” the girl brushed it off, “Just come with us, Ami. Then you can have everything explained to you straight away” “Gladly” she was happy. Maybe a little too happy, but Rin didn’t notice that.


They continued talking while eating, about everything they missed in the past year, as Akira came back and put a can of lemonade on Rins desk. Without a word he sat down to eat his freshly bought sandwiches and the blue haired girl just looked at him confused.


“Yoshida-kun?” asked the girl carefully. “It’s for you,” he answered shortly without turning around. Stunned, she stared at the can, “T-thanks. But why?” “Just because” he turned around and grinned at her.


Before the blue haired girl could mention anything else, Amika abruptly stood up from the table, “I’m going to the toilet.”


With a fast pace and without looking at her best friend, she stomped away. Confused, the two left behind looked after her.


“What is wrong with her? Is she your friend?” the gaze of the redhead still lingered on the door, where the brunette disappeared. “I don’t know what has gotten into her,” brooded the girl, as she opened her drink and took a sip. Did Akira notice that Rin didn’t have anything to drink? But how would he know? She didn’t say anything about it.


Shortly before the class continued, the brunette finally came back into the room and sat down without a word.


“Did something happen?” Rin asked. “Did it look like something happened?” came back briefly and the conversation ended there.




After classes finished the redhead stood true to his word and showed the girls around. While Amika trotted wordlessly alongside her best friend with her arms crossed in front of her, the other two talked animatedly. The brunette seemed displeased that her best friend suddenly had such a good connection to Akira.


They strolled through the whole building and the young man showed them where the different department rooms and the infirmary were. The teacher room and different club rooms were passed as well.


“And here are the clubrooms from the sport clubs” explained the redhead. “Are you in one?” came the question directly from the blue haired girl. The spoken to man only grinned crookedly and said, “Sadly, I don’t have time for that. After school I usually work. But you could sign up for one, Aikawa-chan.” Briefly she thought about it, “I don’t know. They surely don’t have my favourite sport.” “Which one?” he asked. “Lacrosse,” the question was answered with one word. Akira raised one eyebrow thoughtful, “Well it’s not really popular here, but we have a Lacrosse team on our school. Should we drop by there?” “Really?” her eyes widened, “If that’s possible then sure.”


“You go do that,” Amika suddenly spoke up, “But I have to go. Have something to do. We’ll see each other tomorrow.” “Oh, okay” the best friend was perplexed and they said their short goodbyes.


“She got weird in the past year” mumbled Rin. After the two left behind searched the Sports field and sports hall for the team, they decided to just knock on the club room, which basically was just a changing room. There they finally found the team. The five mixed members sat in the room, ate sweets, played on their cell phones and exchanged information about the latest gossip.


“You are the lacrosse team?” Rin wanted to make sure, “When are you training?” “Training? Why?” came from an annoyed girl. “Well…,” the blue haired girl was speechless. One boy grumbled, “Doesn’t matter anyway. After our senpais are gone, there’s no point in being here anyway.”


“Are you stupid?” Rin looked disapprovingly into the round, “Then advertise some of the Kouhais! You can also train with five! Why are you giving up directly?”


Completely done with the unmotivated group the girl shut the door of the club room with a bang and complained silently to herself, while Akira followed her.


“They are dumb as hell, right? The situation won’t get better from sitting around unmotivated,” crossed the girl her arms. “You are right,” the young man agreed, “Join the club and get them off their asses.” “I would really like to play, but I can’t be bothered to deal with such an unmotivated team,” she growled. “Understandable” “I would love to switch to the Suzuki Academy. They have the best trained sports clubs in the area. And the Lacrosse team there is supposed to be really great,” she whined. When asked why she was at Aehara High School, the redhead was given a brief explanation of how she had lost her scholarship and that only the rich of the rich could afford this school.


"You're right," grinned the young man, "I could never afford this elite academy. You can get a great degree there, after which all doors are open, but the fees are easily four times as high as state high schools here.” “If only I could get my sports scholarship back,” the girl breathed heavily. Akira considered briefly, “I know someone I could ask about that. Maybe there is some way that they will recognize it again.” “Honestly ?!” two blue eyes sparkled. "Eh?" He was startled by Rin's sudden glow, but then smiled sweetly, "At least I can try." "That's crazy. I never would have thought in life that there was still a chance,” she squealed joyfully and hopped around hyperactively. Akira had to laugh at Rins dance of joy, “I didn't think it meant so much to you. Then I'll try twice as hard.” “You're the best,” the girl still beamed. "However, I have to say goodbye now. Work is calling,” he wanted to end his tour. "Okay, then I don't want to stop you. Thank you for showing me around,” she said goodbye to him. "You're welcome. If you have any questions, just ask me, okay?” he waved to her again before he completely disappeared, "Bye, see you tomorrow." “Till tomorrow," she also waved after him.




From a distance she could have sworn that she saw a glowing blue butterfly around Akira. When she rubbed her eyes, however, it was gone.


"I'm dreaming again," scratched the blue-haired her head.


Suddenly a strange voice came out of nowhere, "I Am Thou ... Thou Art I ..."


Completely confused, the girl looked around frantically, but could not find anyone from whom the voice could have come. "Strange," she mumbled, "I Am Thou? Thou Art I? What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway?” “That means something like: I am you. You are me,” she heard a female voice.


Rin immediately spun around again, but really saw someone this time. It was her english teacher whom she met in class today.


"Oh, thanks Sensei." the blue-haired woman was still perplexed, because even the translation made the statement no less incomprehensible. "Where did you pick that up," she laughed. "I just heard it from a few students," Rin lied, grinning wryly.

As if she would believe her a voice had appeared out of nowhere. Still, strange. She had never heard that phrase before. Even in the whole year in America, she never came across anything like that. Whatever. Brooding would not get her any further. Instead, she said goodbye to her sensei and set off.

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